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Even in areas receiving but four hours of direct sun per day, these seed mixes manufacture attractive, dense, dark inexperienced, finely textured lawns. Shaded areas mix visually with the remainder of your tall fescue lawn and deliver all the drought, disease and traffic tolerance you expect from The Rebels® Brand.

If you’re visiting be maintaining your fine fescue very often, and you don’t mind a very little high maintenance throughout the summer, the spring is certainly the month to plant. This is often because of the actual fact that the temperatures will likely remain below 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which means your fine fescue can have everything it desires to thrive.

Coarse fescues have a number of the widest grass blades, while fine fescues have a number of the narrowest blades of all grass species. Coarse fescues can grow as wide as five/eight", whereas fine fescues can be but 1/16".

To get the most effective results, Turf Masters brokers our own seed. This is often not seed that you'll realize in any big box store. We have a tendency to opt for our seed primarily based on findings type the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP). From these test results, we tend to choose types of fescue shown to have superior resistance to drought, disease, and warmth-stress. Starting with the best see makes a massive difference. Our aeration and seeding additionally includes a double-pass aeration and covering the seed in skinny and bare areas. Turf Masters will offer a free quote for this service.

I’ll be going over quite a bit today, which is why I’ll be using easy-to-scan sections to break everything down for you. Please feel free to skip around at your leisure, as I recognize many of you may have varying levels of knowledge about fine fescue.

One among the foremost damaging diseases is that the disease referred to as brown patch. Brown patch is generally a problem in hot, humid weather. It begins in the leaf blades and will progress to the grass crown. Once it affects the crown, the grass can be seriously injured or killed. If you think a problem with brown patch, avoid applications of nitrogen fertilizer, herbicides and night irrigation. It will solely fuel the disease.

Each Sunday Smart Lawn Plan relies on your specific soil, climate, and lawn. Plans even include a soil check to zero in on any soil deficiencies. Everything is mailed to you precisely when you wish to use it, and it’s as easy as spraying a hose.

Note: If you are going to overseed with no extra irrigation except rain, be positive to arrange it well. Try to overseed the day of or the day before a string of storms are due to come back in. Have the lawn ready beforehand in preparation for overseeding. Unfold the seed on dry grass for the most effective affect. Wet grass will cause the seed to stick to the grass blades instead of falling right down to the soil.

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Fertilization: Tall fescue has relatively low nutrient level needs. Leaving grass clippings will facilitate to fulfill a number of the lawn’s fertilization desires, unless the clippings are too thick, in that case they must be collected and composted elsewhere.

Fine fescue may be a cool-season grass, that means that it wants cooler temperatures to really thrive. While it will survive the heat, and therefore the cold, you should continually plant fine fescue when the temperatures are between fifty and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.