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Descendant of the Sun is the Korean drama about a Military Captain who was on his holidays met a doctor and fall in love with her. She also appreciated him but she came upon that the man she fall in love is doing harmful job within the military. So he broke up with him. Later, after an 12 months he was despatched for service to Urk. Where she met the captain again. How is their destiny shall be.

I don’t like how the writer treats the two male leads differently. The author used to concentrate on Moo-Chi character quite a bit earlier than Yo-Han’s loss of life. Now it’s all about Bareum being all genius and doubting his own id. Moo-Chi character is solid apart, as if his present was all performed in the primary few eps, and now he’s simply filling in as background character for Bareum. Where is his spite and Doo Serie vengeance to find and kill serial killers?

Webe Might eleven 2021 4:20 am I've been dreaming this drama and how you can untie the plot almost every single night time untill new episode and then continues to have nightmare once more about seven days before new episode amd continues again untill I started to have a gene of psycopaths in me already.

Aaaa May 20 2021 10:50 am That is to date probably the greatest kdrama I’ve watched. There isn't any plot gap what's rare for an advanced story. Very uncommon. Superb acting and all of the characters are sincere without being overdramatised. The unfolding of the story is harmonious, no rush at the tip. It’s feels so easy ( the second part of most drama are a bit frustrating, irrational twists or overdramatic ; this I like one of many only a few drama that I truly enjoyed till the top. I am so grateful). On prime of that the topic is so attention-grabbing. Attempting to understand a psychopath and giving him a chance to be normal touched me much more than another cheesy topic we often see. This drama is to me a bit of a miracle, all the things is so good and I’m very grateful.