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Zero State Wiki

You have reached the wiki. Things are very new here, but we will hopefully get more information loaded in here in short order.

If you wish to contribute to this wiki, please sign up for an account - ideally with a email address and identifiable user name, but I am not your mum.

This site is viewable by the general public (at least for now), so treat content accordingly.

What is all this?

A network, an ARG, a vision for the future.

I am the game. The game is immortal.

What is Zero State?


Google Group
You can apply to join this.!forum/zero-state
Google Site
Much of the content here is fallow, but some day it may once again be relevant.
Facebook Group
Discord Server


Major sections to be fleshed out:

  • Principles : Guiding principles of Zero State
  • Structure : High-level sections of Zero State's network, and the twelve Houses of the Array.
  • Roles : Core roles within Zero State. Persons, Entities and/or Pluralities of Interest.
  • Dekapentad : 15 days, once a year.
  • Mythos : Mysteries.
  • Glossary : Clarifications.
  • Directory : Where to find things or people (that want to be found).

If you run into any problems on the site, please contact Adeptus Major through the usual channels.

Getting started

If you've never used MediaWiki before, and want to know more about how to make pages, format tables, etc. there is a guide:

At some point there might be a writing Style Guide, if we decide that we want to be stylish in a way particular to this wiki.