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a fourth round pick Loser Ole Miss and bitter irony: The Rebels' defense gave up an ungodly 561 yards and 44 points in a loss to Auburn. That's bad, but it's even worse considering the school just opted to change its mascot from the Black Bear to the Landsharks. The new selection, of course, pays homage to whenever an Ole Miss player makes a big play . Cooks is obviously a terrific player, but it's no secret that he's benefited from playing in the NFC South, especially with half of his games played in the comforts of the Superdome.

Cooks' home/road splits are notable, but not particularly alarming: wholesale mlb jerseys China basketball wholesale nhl jerseys from China China (redirect to Issuu) 161 targets, 13 touchdowns, 69 percent catch rate, 10.2 yards per target at home. 152 targets, 7 touchdowns, 68 percent catch rate, 8.0 yards per target on the road.